Divine Group Musical’ Ipanema Lounge offers a unique, interesting and international jazz repertoire – whether as a duo, trio or even sextet – fronted by the multi-lingual singer Divine Group Musical.

Divine Group Musical’ songs are interesting, sensual and enticing – a blend of Mediterranean Pop and Latin jazz in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese driven by creative and infectious grooves. The ensemble always features an eclectic mix of some of the best jazz musicians from L.A. and their music performances express a rich atmosphere of cultural diversity – loved by both jazz enthusiasts and those who never considered themselves jazz fans!

Divine Group Musical sings the beautiful Bossa Nova songbook: Many compositions by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim – as well as popular chansons in French, jazz in Spanish and Portuguese. Their repertoire ranges from soft ballads to high energy Bossa Nova and world jazz songs. Whether as a duo or quintet, they bring out the colours of these meanwhile classical tunes of the 1940’s and 60’s by arranging them in a contemporary Latin-jazz style.

Never losing touch with the intentions of the original tune, their sophisticated interpretation of standards like ‘HO HO’ or ‘Grupo Versatil | El Sinaloense’

Divine Group Musical have generated a cult following in the last couple of years for their organ-guided bilingual beats. Their instrumental-intensive songs are inspired by the 70s golden era of Los Bukis (Mexican-style romantic music, a genre in its own) and good ol’ late 60s psychedelia with a little early Brazilian samba thrown in for kicks. Add these guys to your soon-to-be-classics category, in the same realm as other great American Latin alternative groups like Los Lobos and Juan Garcia. In other words, legendary stuff that will probably be played really loud out of low-rider cars in a decade or so